Auto-Align Post ARA Beta

Hi all,
Ever since Auto-Align Post was released as AudioSuite we’ve been asked about support on other hosts.
We’re getting very close to release a public beta with ARA support (to any Auto-Align Post owner).

What’s ARA?
ARA stands for Audio Random Access™ and was developed by Celemony.
Unlike traditional plug-ins that only get audio currently processed by the track they’re on, ARA allows plug-in developers to access the entire audio file(s) and interchange broader data with the host.

Auto-Align Post requires these additional capabilities provided by ARA.

Can Auto-Align Post run on any VST3 and/or ARA host?
No, ARA1 hosts are not supported.
Auto-Align Post requires hosts with ARA2 support.

How can I try Auto-Align Post ARA2 now?
As of now, we’re running a preliminary closed-beta.
If you own Auto-Align Post and would like to join,
drop us a line in our support portal.

Please make sure to send us your computer specifications and the host you’re using.

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