Access parameters in Autoalign 2

Hi Nir and all!

As usual I’m quite impressed with your stuff and I got great results on a jazz solo piece (4 mics on our grand piano here), so congrats again for this new addition!

However, as mentioned by others in other threads here, I’m quite concerned about not having the possibility to manually access some parameters.

As we mainly do acoustic music here, the recording setup is generally a main pair, spot mics and a pair of ambiance mics. Generally you don’t want to mess with the main pair and leave it as is, so my first request would be to allow the possibility to lock a subset of mics in the optimisation process.

Second request would be with regards with spot mics. In a real room, correlation is not that straightforward (due to room acoustics, first reflections, etc) so the possibility to browse between the extrema of the crosscorrelation function (as in Autoalign 1) is definetely required. What would be wonderful though is to give the algorithm an ‘interval of confidence’ where you know the ‘right’ delay should be found. In essence, if a spot mic is located say 3 meters from the main pair, you’d expect the delay to be between 8 and 10 ms (or between 750 and 950 samples at 96k).
Once the right delay is found, the phase correction would kick in with the wonderful results I’ve heard on the solo piano piece I’ve mentioned earlier.

I don’t know if the above is feasible, or even if it is in the spirit of the plug as you designed it, but at least I’ve presented the specific context I’d love to use it.

Looking forward to your reply / comments and all the best!

Hi @thomas ,
Thank you for posting those questions.

In order to keep your “main pair” intact, once you’ve aligned, you can simply:

  1. select those tracks from the AA2 plug-in editor.
  2. open the Edit menu at the bottom
  3. click on “Set a key time”
  4. you’ll now see they time offset is zero (0). They’re being used as the anchor of time and they’re not nudged from the their original location on timeline.

If I got it right, this is also available with Auto-Align 2.
If you’d like to do this for more than one microphone together, you need to Stereo Link them. but I’ll describe the workflow per a single track.

  1. Select the (single) track, you’d like to adjust.
  2. click the “Edit” menu
  3. Click the Next/Prev buttons.
  4. You’re now able to jump between points where the correlation would still apply phase improvements to the group.

Hope I gave some starting points.

As always, feel free to contact us through support if you have any questions.



Hello Tal,

Many thanks for the explanations so far. It really helps, but I can’t go further as I’m fighting against something I can’t explain : if I delete an instance of the plug, shouldn’t the related track be also deleted from Autoalign2 GUI track list?
Because at the moment there’s absolutely no way for me to take out a track from the list once Autoalign2 has been instantiated at some point, and I’m having loads of duplicates in the tracklist.
I’m sending you a video through support to demonstrate that.
Thanks in advance!