AAP Standalone for PolyWavs

Hello, just found this forum.
First, this is the best plugin I ever bought. Period.

Besides Post, Im also doing alot of recording on set (dialog, interview etc.)
These are mostly Polywavs with Metadata & Timecode stamped.
It would be so great if there was a Standalone version of AAP where one could load up the multichannel file, select which track to align with which, and export it again without losing Timecode or Metadata.

For example:
File is EXAMPLE.WAV - Timecode 10:12:23:05
Track1: Boom 1
Track2: Boom 2
Track3: Lav1
Track4: Lav2

Now I need to tell the program to align Lav1 to Boom1, then Lav2 to Boom2.
Now export to a PolyWav with all the Tracknames and Timecode intact.

This would be delivered to the post facility, making everything sound great from the beginning on,
and preventing them to throw away tracks because “together it sounds bad”.

Sorry for my english.
I hope you understand what I mean =)



Hi @zerberst,

Thank you for your support and kind words, much appreciated!

Your wish is our command. We’ll dive into it as soon as we’re done with Auto-Align Post ARA/VST (And a few very cold bottles of beer…).




If you haven’t come across it by now… Absentia DX does exactly that. AAP is proving very useful for file by file work though.