32 Lives compatible with macOS Mojave?

Tested 10.14.3. The issue is still there.
We’ve notified Apple and will update if we have on news on the matter.

Any new update on combatiablity with Mojave? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled 32 Lives 3 times now… and still no dice. Will this work? or and I out of these plug-ins? Thanks

Hi @adamstan58, as clearly stated here. 32 Lives works just fine with Mojave.
There are specific plug-ins that have some incompatibility issues. but overall 32 Lives works with Mojave.

could my problem be that I downloaded the Legacy version 1st by mistake…
Logic still will not recognize my old wave plugins…

contact us through support and we’ll do our best to get you up and running asap.

Virtual Guitarist GUI is working now with Mojave 10.14.4 update


This is also the case for me, Image line mac beta plugin(I want gross beat) doesn’t work , I have a black screen instead showing their UI

I was right to try the demo of 32 live , Have you found solutions since then? I would like to point out that I am on Mojave 10.14.5


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As stated above, Image-Line are known to not show UI. we have yet to find a workaround to changes introduced in Mojave in that regard. We do promise to update if we have any update on the subject.

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have you found a solution to the black sceen in gross beat? I have been running Gross Beat through 32 Lives on El Capitan for months just fine. as soon as i updated to mojave it crashed to a black screen.

any progress?? I did not realize this would happen if i updated my mac. I have been running grossbeat on el capitan for months. :frowning: very sad

so is there anyway i can by pass this? I just want to know why this is happening.

Sadly, Mojave has a lot of quirks (or as Apple describes it “compromises” for 32bit and some graphics frameworks used with some 32 bit apps).

We do our best to improve compatibility as possible and committed to 32 Lives.
With that said, it’s not always possible to add ‘workarounds’ to resolve issues between macOS and old plug-ins. especially when newer macOS versions change or remove code that was expected by those old plug-ins.

We have yet to find a solution to allow those plug-ins to work on modern macOS.

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I have a problem with 32Lives V 2.0.6 (installed under macos High Sierra) and the newly installed Mojave with update 10.14.6. When i start the desktop app, after half a minute it eats up nearly my whole RAM (16 GB) and scans every plugin so slowly (a minute or 2 for one plugin) that i have to abort it. Is this normal after a system upgrade? Is there something i can do?

Hi @vaikl,
This sounds like unexpected behavior.
We would greatly appreciate if you’llcontact us through support and we’ll schedule a remote desktop support session to resolve the issue.


Hi tal, thanks for your support, but I’ll be on the move for some days now and therefore not at my comp. I’ll ring in when i’m back.

I’ve tried several things in the meantime, especially a fresh install of 32L 2.0.6 and tips like resetting SMC and NVRAM, but nothing helped:( It doesn’t matter if i use the desktop app or any resurrected plugin in a DAW (Live 10.0.6) by opening the plugin manager - the first 150 (or so) plugins go fast, then 32L reaches about 11 GB wired RAM / 17GB virtual RAM and is dying together with the Finder actions more and more until my macmini (late 2012, 16GB RAM) freezes. I have about 450 VST and AU to scan.

Is there any way to manually override the 32L startup plugin scan in the standard VST and Components folders and “hard-code” the app to scan only user folders??

BTW - on the sunny side of this issue I encountered that on Mojave and in Live my old “PowerCore stars” Virus Powercore and VSS3 runs like Olympic champs with - together - only 3-4% CPU power under normal PowerCore Compact settings, which was impossible under High Sierra. And… my Korg monologue is able to remote control the Virus plugin over MIDI with no extra config or tools. Yay!!:-))

Our support is looking forward to see if we can resolve this and further investigate the reason(s) for that issue.

That’s a great feature! I’ve logged it as a feature request.
(for VST of course since AU/Components has only a single path).

Great! thanks for the insight :slight_smile:

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Hi tal,

I’m back and have managed to make a short video how 32Lives freezes my MacMini (late 2012), 16 GB Core i5 2,5 GHz with a SSD start volume (1 TB, APFS, attached via USB3):

Hope that the quality is good enough to see what’s happening. I have added a Memory Clean 3 window to show the degression of free RAM. You can also see in iStatistica on the right that 32Lives eats up the whole memory; there’s no other app active. At the end of the movie my mac was frozen and I had to reboot. This is reproducible every time I start 32Lives.


I’m back and have managed to make a short video how 32Lives freezes my MacMini (late 2012), 16 GB

Thanks for taking the time to capture this.
As this isn’t an issue with Mojave but a broader issue,
It would be really useful if you could contact us through support so we could try and find the culprit for this.

Hi, is 32 lives working on Mojave 10.14.6?

Hi @daoustarchibald,
Yes. 32 Lives is compatible up to the latest Mojave 10.14.6.
Any specific issue regarding a specific plug-in or behavior is written here above.