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32 Lives compatible with MacOS High Sierra?




please add me for beta testing it would be much appreciated


Thank you for the update. My initial euphoria was sadly soon quelled. Logic allowed me to validate one of my favourite AU FX plug-ins for the first time in High Sierra. The Roger Linn Adrenalinn. I launched it smoothly on one of my guitar tracks, but sadly it doesn’t seem to want to pass audio through it. So close …but so far!

Many thanks for improvements so far though.

Best Wishes
Rich Ridings

Also tested in Live- same result.


Hi Rich,

Thanks for your report. Sadly, Adrenalinn’s compatibility issue lies within its copy protection which is not compatible with macOS versions later than Maverick (10.9) and therefore won’t work with 32 Lives either. You can read the full statement from Roger here > http://www.rogerlinndesign.com/adrenalinn-sync-support.html.




Hi Nir,

Can I be added to the beta? I’m really interested in playing with 32 lives and also I’m a computer enginner and might be able to help you guys If I find anything bad :slight_smile:



Hi, I would like to join public beta testing.


Hi Nir. My Speakerphone plugin does the whole “updating properties of AU Speakerphone by Audio Ease…FAILED!” I recently just upgraded to the newest version and it still doesn’t work. Can you please keep this in mind.



Has there been any updates to get to get grossbeat working on high sierra? I bought this software just for grossbeat to work. Please inform me if there is a way to get it working please and thank you.


I would love to join the public beta group. Thank you in advanced,



I really enjoyed the experience using 32 lives on previous version of mac Os, but sadly my computer updated and can’t go back. I would really like to try out how stable Auto-Tune, Vocal Align and some of my other plugins run.

I would appreciate the opportunity of providing feedback on the Public Beta Testing.

Thank you in advanced,



Hi @cash.ismellmoney and all,
Currently we have no public beta.

Feel free to use the latest 32 Lives release available in the user area. (for anyone who purchased 32 Lives or the Demo version for those who didn’t).

Demo version limitations

  • plug-in settings won’t be saved.
  • it fades audio in/out once in a few minutes.
  • it has message boxes explaining those limitations.

If you have anything to report you can e-mail it through our support or write private message to me in the forum.

I’m closing this thread as 32 Lives IS compatible with macOS High Sierra.
32 Lives also compatible with macOS Mojave.
checkout this thread for breaking issues and known issues with some plug-ins).

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