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Hi I am a korean. My name is JT.
I do not speak English. I got help from a Google translator.

I want to know the difference between Auto Align and Auto Align Post.

  • Auto Align
  • Auto Align Post _ Dynamic Mode
  • Auto Align Post_Static Mode

I use all of the above plugins for music. It is not a post (simultaneous recording).

Auto Align is excellent for drum sound. However, there is a problem with Auto Align Post. I think it is a bleed problem in the drum file.

I did one test. About Auto Align and Auto Align Post_Static Mode …
Both plugins have the same result. Move the time of the file. More specifically, the clip moves. In samples or milliseconds …

The test is as follows.
Auto Align Post (Static) to render a “temporary file”. Compare with the original “temporary file”. Check the “Move time (in sample units)” of the file.

Duplicate the “temporary file” track. Insert Auto Align into the insert slot. Drag the mouse over the display to forcibly change the sample. (At this time, “Move Time” is applied). Do not use the Detection function.

Play the applied item. At this time, one track is inverted in phase. I could see it as a result of this test. The results of Auto Align Post (Static) and Auto Align are the same.

Nevertheless, there is a difference. Auto-Align detects only certain parts of a file. (Selection … specified by the user). It also detects automatically. Therefore, the tracking intervals are different. (Of course, based on the same starting point …)

However, the Auto-Align Post (Static) detects the entire reference track. (Whole File, not Clip or Selection Unit).

I think. Rather, musically, Auto-Align Post (Static) is the best. (Except the drum …) For example, in a Guitar recording …
What is your opinion? Do you have any tips to recommend? Subjectively …

There are additional questions.

This time is Auto Align Post_Dynamic mode. When used in music, it causes noise (harmonic clicks) and phase problems. (Randomly …)

But I was surprised. I used it in Audio Bro_LA Scoring String. The composition is string quartet. I extracted four microphone points. (V1 FC, V1, V1 B, V1 C …) Total 16 …

I used the Violin 1/2 Viola and Cello FC tracks as reference tracks. Then I arranged the remaining A, B, C tracks. Using Auto Align Post (Dynamic) Mode …

The results were satisfactory. very good ! However, harmonic click noise occurs. No phase problems occurred. I was able to fix it with the iZotope_RX_Declick plugin.

I do not know the production process of the sample virtual instruments. Therefore, it is ambiguous. But this is an uncomfortable fact. How about you?

Thank you.

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