Various bugs when using Premiere

Hi there,
I have encountered several issues while using the Auto Align Post Premiere Pro extension. The problems and their respective workarounds are as follows:

1."No <file> element found in clip"error:
Occasionally, when attempting to use Auto Align Post, an error message stating "No <file> element found in clip" appears. The workaround is to create a subsequence containing only the audio that needs to be processed, and then apply Auto Align Post to the subsequence.

  1. Incompatibility with multi-channel WAV files:
    Auto Align Post does not function correctly when working with multi-channel WAV audio files. The audio sounds choppy, stutters, and repeats. The workaround is to use the “Render and Replace” feature to create a new audio file that can be processed by Auto Align Post. Here is an example of the issue

  2. Issues with Multicam clips:
    AAP doesn’t work on Multicam clips. The workaround is to flatten the Multicam clips before applying Auto Align Post to ensure proper functionality.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Import a project containing audio clips that meet the criteria mentioned above (e.g., multi-channel WAVs or Multicam clips).
  2. Select the audio clips and attempt to apply Auto Align Post.
  3. Observe the error message or lack of functionality.

System Specifications:

  • Premiere Pro Version: 24.2.1
  • Operating System: macOS 14.3
  • Hardware Specifications: Mac Studio, M1 Max

Additional Information:

  • The issues appear to be inconsistent, with the error message not always appearing for the same types of clips.
  • The workarounds mentioned have been tested and found to be effective in most cases.

Please advise if there are any known fixes or updates planned to address these issues with the Auto Align Post feature in Premiere Pro. Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Hi @Jimbo69,

Thanks for your message and detailed report!

The issue with multi-channel WAV files is a known one.
This is because currently, Auto-Align Post isn’t provided with complex channel mapping information.

Regarding the other issues, it would be great if you could send us a small project that reproduces them.
We’d be happy to take a close look.

You can send the session to [email protected].