SurferEQ MIDI input?


Hello all, I was curious for more information as to how the MIDI functionality worked on surferEQ. I am very fascinated by an EQ that changes with the pitch of something, and it seems like it would be invaluable for bass. My main concern is that I don’t trust the pitch tracking. I was wondering if it was possible to copy/paste the MIDI from my bassline and have surferEQ read that and apply it instead of pitch tracking?

Thanks for your time!



Hi @nuclearrabbit17!

Quoted from the manual:

  • MIDI Mode 1 : Note Overrides Detection
    Designed for easy correction of the pitch-detection engine when required. A MIDI Note On input will
    override the internal pitch-detector. On MIDI Note Off, the pitch-detection engine will resume its
  • MIDI Mode 2 : Surf by Note
    Designed for frequency-specific ducking. Pitch/frequency is controlled by MIDI and the internal
    pitch-detection engine is disabled. MIDI Note On/Off toggles Surf-enabled bands.
  • MIDI Mode 3 : Instrument Mode
    Designed to be played like an instrument where the source audio acts as an oscillator.
    Pitch/frequency and sound are controlled and triggered by MIDI Notes

So you can get complete MIDI based control or just “help” SurferEQ if needed.

TL;DR: yes, you can use midi instead of detection :slight_smile:
(you’d might also want to set it to LIVE mode to reduce latency used for better pitch-tracking).

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