More tweakability to SurferEq, please


I’d like to have an option for a 1) “no go range” and 2) “keep inside the range” function for the SurferEq.

Let me walk you through my idea.

  1. Say I want to boost the 2nd harmonics of the bass guitar BUT i don’t want to make the sound “boxy”. So I’d like to have an option for the plug-in NOT to use, say, the 350-500 Hz band. If it’d go there, either forget it or use the octave below/above.

  2. If I try to make room for an instrument in a certain band, say the octave around 600 Hz, I’d like to restrict the SurferEQ from going outside that band but instead use the note/frequency within that band instead.

Makes sense?

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And those options would work well for the whole instance of the plug-in, IMO. No need to do that for each band separately.



Hi @jyri.tynkkynen!
Thanks for the awesome feedback.

I’ve added your feedback to our feature requests so it can be evaluated! :+1:

In the meantime,
Here are some suggestions to make similar behavior by automation:

With MIDI input you can use :
Note overrides detection
Then, you can send pitch-wheel (for octave up) or the desired note.
This however does it for ALL bands.

If you wish to see a specific area band to and octave up or disabled you can also automate the band on/off or the harmonic of the band at that area.