Solo sidechain button alway reaktivate when I open project


I have a problem with drumleveler where everytime i open a project with it loaded. I have to open every instance of it and deaktive the solo button for the sidechaining. (the solo button on the bottom right).
this is extremely tiresome in the long run, and seems like a bug to me?

Are anyone else experiencing this?

Hi Dagganworld,

Thanks for your message. I sent you a message from our support desk with a few questions, please reply and we’ll do our best to get you up and running.



Just a follow up for other users stumbling this.
We’ve identified the issue and will release a bugfix version.
In the meantime, the issue affects only VST3 so you can remove the VST3 and use VST2.
VST2 should be interchangeable with VST3.