Your Support is really BAD!

i´m sorry for the title but is true.

Drum leveler 1.2.0 is crashing my daw, literally closes the program before even show the project, i reinstall the previous version that is sluggish, i contact support, the ticket is 21872 and the last respones was march 12, i did a video that shows my problem.

Well, it´s more than 2 months ago without any answer from you!! If this is your form to treat loyal clients maybe it´s time to see another company.

Hi Guillermo,
We take support really seriously.
I’m really sorry you had such an experience.

Well, it´s more than 2 months ago without any answer from you!!

Sadly there might be some spam filter or something that caused last response from our team to be missed?

I see that @Oran, our support lead wrote you a possible solution two months ago and didn’t receive any feedback from you.

From your case it sounds we should make a follow-up if we don’t hear from someone for a while.

Would be great to know when you’re up and running.


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For future reference:

Please make sure you are using the plugin’s latest version. You can always find the latest version in your personal User Area.

Also, make sure your DAW and graphics card’s driver are up to date.

Drum Leveler allows enabling and disabling OpenGL which could help in some cases.
In order to disable OpenGL:

  1. Click on the Settings Icons.

2. Unheck ‘OpenGL Graphics’.

3. Close the UI and re-open it.

  • To enable OpenGL you can do the same but check the ‘Open GL Graphics’.

If for some reason you don’t receive a reply from us, let us know in the support ticket or email us directly at [email protected].

Thanks and happy mixing,