Drum Leveler Latency in Reaper

I recently purchased Drum Leveler to use for live sound processing with my Reaper DAW. All my VST plugins process the drum sound without added latency. However, when I activate the Drum Leveler VST it creates noticeable latency. Why, how is this fixed?

Hi @dennis.greene,

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Drum Leveler uses latency to detect beats properly. Are you trying to use it in a live-playing scenario?

If this is a deal-breaker we’ll be happy to issue a refund. We’ve also added a low-latency Live Mode to our feature requests.


Hello Oran, thank you for clarifying. Yes I am trying to use Drum Leveler live. Kindly issue a refund. --Dennis

Hi Dennis,

You’re welcome. I’ll let you know once the refund is issued.