POWAIR Adaptive Compression


I am really a newbie to Soundradix Powair and could really used some help in understanding the adaptive compression.

As far as I know adaptive compression allows the original dynamics of loud and soft to be preserved. I am wondering if the loud and soft dynamic is preserved, how has compression taken place? At best I could say some compression has taken place in the micro-dynamic level to add color but otherwise the macrodynamic remains unchanged. could anyone help me on this?


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your message.

You can think of Adaptive Compression as having a dynamic Threshold on your compressor.
The Threshold reacts to the source’s loudness and allows for roughly the same amount of compression to be applied for all parts of the performance.
The amount of compression can be determined by the Leveler section’s ‘Target Level’ (even if the leveler is disabled, or if the gain range is set to ‘0’).

Setting the Target Level to -10 (LKFS) for example, and Adaptive compression to 100%,
POWAIR will compress as if it’s ‘seeing’ an averaged -10 input.

After the compressor is POWAIR’s Automatic Make-up Gain which is enabled by default, you can disable it by clicking the ‘Auto’ button.

It’s best to play with a few different source materials (Vocal, Snare, full mix…) and see how these settings interact and respond. The possibilities (quite) endless.