POWAIR 1.1 Public Beta


Finally we’ve got a beta build for you to play with.
As always remember, this is a beta so there might be quirks.

Here is our changelog:


  • VST performance denormalization issues.
  • Possible crash on Digital Performer (VST).
  • Input meter might show noise-floor instead of silence.
  • Various cosmetic UI inconsistencies.
  • SCF - possible crash when LF is set to highest frequency.
  • Improved side-chain compression and auto gain compensation.
  • Switching between Mono/Stereo instance on Logic X could lead to a crash.
  • AAX with side-chain could produce silence when rendered offline. (Commit/Freeze/Bounce Offline)
  • VST3 might not work with Direct Offline Processing.
  • On some settings dry signal might not be dry.
  • Bugfixes & improvements to Windows Installer.


  • Peak clipping options.
  • User definable meter peak hold.
  • Performance Improvements.
  • Added UI Scaling (75% - 200%).
  • Compression based on true-peak.
  • Pro Tools (AAX) - supports gain reduction meter.
  • Pro Tools (AAX) - supports automation key modifiers.
  • Presets names are now being stored and recalled.
  • A/B states now properly stored and recalled.
  • Bypass makes UI grayscale.

POWAIR 1.1 Beta macOS
POWAIR 1.1 Beta Windows



Testing now !

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Hi , i try the peak clipping option with soft and hard , and i have “overshoot” over 0db(red “true peak”) , I have put the ouptut level to -1db .

I use the 64 bits vst3 version .

I hope than i’m wrong …



Hi @sebastien.wittebolle,
We might need to explain it better or think how we show it properly.
Clipping is peak based.
Metering is now true peak based.

So even though you’re clipping in 0.0dBFS PEAK, True Peak evaluation might consider it as a greater peak.

If you have any suggestions, let us know!

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ok , i understand better now.

May be adding a true peak limiter will be good.I have this by a other plugin ( isl (inter sample limiter by nugen)), but all in one is better i think , no?



I would say a FINAL true peak limiter.



Hi , i have found a bug present too in 1.0(vst2 version) . It happend when i write ,by exemple, “3.00 sec” in release time , my vst hoster freeze , and i must restrart .I have a strange message too in release time , look in my screenshot :



Thanks for reporting!! We’ll have a new beta soon that address those issues and more.

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ok, good news for new beta. :wink:


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