Pi - Ability to set an instance in Group for phase align of only low frequencies instead of global

OK, so the problem I’m having is, I’ll generate low frequencies down to 10Hz from the Kick and maybe the Bass, but since that generation is nested in an overarching folder in Reaper, Pi will show sync errors if trying to align the phase of, basically, an LFE channel to everything else. Ideally, I’d like to be able to set a separate instance of Pi to only phase-align those low frequencies to everything else that’s using the full spectrum setting in Pi

The folder setup currently in my projects is demonstrated below:

LFE track (generated from Kick and Bass by WAVES Submarine)

  • ->Everything Else

I’d like to be able to put Pi on the LFE track. Kick, and Bass, and align only the low frequencies between LFE, Kick, and Bass while using full spectrum alignment on Everything Else. Is this doable?

I did figure out a workaround for the nested track issue although it’s messy - In Reaper, go to Project Settings, Advanced, and check Allow Feedback in Routing. Then route the LFE track to a track under Everything Else. Freeze that track. Then Mute the original LFE track. Turn off Feedback in Routing. Insert Pi on the frozen track. This works - however, I still can’t tell Pi to focus only on the low end for the Kick and Bass group, and I’m not even sure if Pi has the resolution for ultra-low frequencies…