Orchestral Recording - how can I approach to sync with AutoAlignPost?

There’s someone who tried AutoAlignPost with Orchestral Recordings?
I have 13 mics, just 2 mics are only for percussive instruments.
Is’s better to use Static algorithm or Dynamic?
I’m trying to sync all tracks to my percussive mics but group of microphone like Decca Tree are too far from percussion to find a good sync…any suggestions?

If it were me, I’d align everything to the M channel of the Decca tree (except the S channels of the tree of course) that way everything aligns to it’s proper distance from the tree… unless you want to do the opposite for artistic reasons, but you could very quickly lose the coherence on the tree soundstage with all other instruments if you align it to a specific on (like perc). Just my two cents :slight_smile:

Thank you Dustin for your suggestions, I will try!
Have you already tried this way in your works?