One issue in the field recorder workflow



AAP’s Static Mode is very useful for fixing the misalignment issue in the field recorder workflow.
But I have one big request…Is it possible to indicate applied sample value when the process is done in Static Mode. The reason is as follows.

In my workflow, usually AAF contains only the mix tracks. So I first use ‘Matching Field Recorder Channels’ to replace AAF’s mix tracks with my original production recordings. This process results in ‘out of sync’ often.
And then I use AAP in Static Mode. AAP perfectly matches my original mix with AAF’s clips. There is no problem.
But then a problem occurs. I need to do next is to expand the original separate tracks from this fixed clips. However AAF changes the waveforms of my original clips, but its timestamps stays the same. Therefore, Pro Tools expands the separate tracks at a wrong position, i.e., the position of AAF’s clips before AAP fixes.

Needless to say, I have to align all my mix and separate tracks at a right position in the biginning even though they may be moved sooner or later.
If AAP indicates applied sample value in Static Mode, I can easily nudge these separate tracks to a right position. It’s very impotant to me.

Or is there any better way to solve this issue?