Let AA during the mix or bounce the track and mix?

Hello there.
I use AA and it does a great job.
Reading on the forum, I know that it’s better to use AA and after quantize.
But the info that I didn’t find is if it good to let the AA on during the mix process or, once use AA, edit the tracks and then bounce tracks to start mixing.
Thank you for your advises.

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Hi @jfb2web,

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You can leave Auto-Align working as your first insert plugin and start mixing.

If you have any questions, let me know.



Thanks Oran.
But If I need to do some edition maybe better to Bounce …
And no other choice when my tracks has some tempo automation (AA can’t handle that).
Thank you.

FWIW I’ve never let Autoalign 1 activated on any track : I use it for identifying the right delay then use the free ‘sound delay’ plug from Voxengo instead.

Hello @thomas
Can you explain me why ?
Did you have some issue ? For CPU saving ?

Mostly for peace of mind and mixer space. With a dumb plugin like Sound delay there’s only one instance running in your mixer once for all, and mostly no risk of relaunching the delay identification process. Hence I’m sure to keep the very same settings (same sound) throughout the whole album.

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