AA2 produces different results after bouncing in place

I have a set of drum tracks that I aligned using AA2 and then bounced in place. After this, I tested AA2 again on the tracks thinking it would give me 0 change on each track, but instead it suggested a new batch of phase and time corrections. Why would this happen and does it mean that we should be using AA2 more than once in order to achieve the best results?

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Hi @tomadrichardson,

Thanks for your message.
AA2 prefers to avoid applying excessive delays and filters. It’s a balancing act.

If you align your tracks, bounce in place, and then re-apply AA2 on the bounced tracks, the algorithm starting point is diffrent, and might decide that additional processing is necessary.

This doesn’t mean you should use AA2 more than once to get the best results.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.