Autoalign "requires distinct track names"

I’m AA2 in Studio One Pro and it’s been great so far. Just today though I’m getting this thing where it complains continually about requiring distinct track names. All my track names are distinct, but they are somehow doubled up in the plugin window. Like every track I have the plugin in appears twice. I can see no way to reset things or remove tracks from the plugin window. Advice?

Hi @cmcdowell12 ,
Do you by any chance have multiple sessions open at the same time?

Also, is this with ARA or non-ARA (as an insert on the track), if it’s as an insert on the track, do you maybe inserted AA2 twice?

That information would be helpful.

I have it inserted on each drum track, but only once. Only one session. I did resolve it by completely shutting down Studio One and starting over though. So some kind of glitch I guess.

There is a weird similar thing where AA2 likes to show all the tracks twice when they are grouped in Studio One, perhaps once grouped and once not? This doesn’t hurt anything as far as I can tell, but I don’t think it serves any useful purpose either.