Auto-Align Post for VST?

Just curious if there are plans to port this plug-in to VST? if not - why?

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Hi @llimbocker,
As we’ve announced on AES convention,
Auto-Align Post will be released as ARA2 plug-in in VST3 / Audio-Unit.

Expected / current ARA2 hosts are:

  • Studio One 4.x or greater.
  • Logic X 10.4.2 or greater.
  • Reaper announced upcoming ARA2 support
  • Steinberg announced Cubase 10 or greater will support ARA2 in future versions.

If your host doesn’t support or expected to support ARA2, it might be worth contacting them :wink:

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Great news – I’m running latest Nuendo (currently 8.3) you say “ARA2 plug-in in VST3” - Should I understand that as meaning - Auto-Align Post will run as a VST3 - or inside a VST3 shell? or are you suggesting it won’t work with Nuendo until it supports ARA2 - and runs it natively? Thank you for helping me understand – and the obvious question - when? (approx- won’t hold you to it - kinda ‘when’)

ARA is an extension for “standard” plug-ins.
no shells or any complications.

Auto-Align Post is expected to require ARA2 support from the host.
So once host supports ARA2, Auto-Align Post is expected to work pretty straight-forward with it.

With Nuendo 10 officially announcing ARA2 Support in the upcoming maintainance update, in what timeframe can we expect a VST Version of AAP? I’m greatly looking forward to it!


Finally we have ARA2 in Nuendo and Cubase.
I hope we will not have to wait a long time for AAP…?


@hendrix97 @Ordinarius

Thanks for your interest! You won’t have to wait a long time at all. Watch the forum for a public beta invitation notification.