Auto align 2 same settings multiple songs not possible?


So i upgraded from auto align 1 to auto align 2 today and came across an issue.

I have recorded drums for an Ep (4 tracks) in 1 session. Alla mics the same and same setup.

I want to use auto allign 2 to allign the drums but use the same ofset on all the 4 songs.

That seems not possible with auto align 2. If i do import session data in pro tools from 1 song to anothe. It crashes. If i use auto align on all songs seperatly i get different results on all of them. Even phase switch on some resulting in different sound on the songs even if they are same kit, same mics, same position.

How can i fix this?

Hi @oakwoodrecordings,

Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear about this issue.
We’re working an on update that will fix this crash when importing session data issue.

Regarding getting different results with the same kit, same mics, and same position - we’d be happy to look into it.
It would be great if you could send us two examples showing this, you can send them to [email protected].