Aligning double Kicks


Hello I’m a bit confused on what the best way to Align double kicks. I have 4 kick mics total, each kick has an in and an out. I understand that aligning the main kick’s in and out, then to the OH, how do I go about aligning the second kick. Wouldn’t it try and align itself to the first kick? Any help would be appreciated.




Hi Aaron,

For most cases, simply aligning each of the kick mics to themselves (Kick 1, Out > In/ Kick 2, Out>In) should do the trick.
Aligning the sum kick 1 to kick 2 will not be very beneficial as I’m guessing there’s not much correlation between them.

As far as overheads go, aligning them to the top snare mic will improve the correlation to the kick as well in most setups. Another play is to send the close mics to an auxiliary and align the overheads (and mono ribbon, room mic etc.) to that bus.