32 Lives with 32/64 plugins


I’m still on Snow Leopard and refuse to change, which gives me a unique set of issues.

32 Lives is doing a great job of resurrecting my 32 bit only plugins. However, I have a few 32/64 plugins which, while they work perfectly in the 32-bit world, don’t work at all in 64-bits, and so I’d like to give them the 32L treatment as well. The problem is, of course, that 32L won’t recognise them.

Any way round this? Can 32L be persuaded to see these as suitable cases for its attention?




Hi @studio1,
Thanks for posting on our forum.

If you’ve a plug-in that works on 32-bit but doesn’t work with 32 Lives - contact our support.

However, with that said, 32 Lives isn’t expected to work with PowerPC (PPC) plug-ins.
Snow Leopard (10.6.x) is the last macOS to have support for Rosetta (that provides limited compatibility with pre-G5 PPC).

If the plug-in is indeed Universal Binary / Intel x86 (32-bit). contact our support and we’ll do our best to get you up and running.