32 Lives compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina?

Thanks for the post. Is there any possible method you might be able to use for getting 32 Lives to work on Catalina? Is there some method of re-coding 32 Lives to get it working? Or is it just not going to be possible whatsoever?

We promise to keep this thread up-to-date with our findings. for now, current version of 32 Lives would simply hang as the 32-bit side won’t launch at all.

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What if you used a 32bit Virtual Machine running on the Catalina machine to host the 32bit plugins, and the x64 32 Lives plugin communicated with them over the local network?

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Yes, technically that should be possible, but the communications will incur more overhead and it would require you to have a whole virtual machine setup which is less than ideal.

I would think that any virtual host setup would introduce too much latency to be a useful workaround. But I still have hope that a workaround could be found. I wish there was something like this for apps as well, but I think that is never going to happen.

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Hey Guys, as I will continue working with Logic Pro X under Catalina having a bunch of VST´s running with your 32Lives, it´s quite important for me to know if this still will be possible before doing the update or buying a new Mac. As far as I understand @yair it´s more probable that users will no longer be able to use their old virtual instruments, is that right? Well this would be really bad news…

Currently - that is the case :frowning:
We do promise to update if that ever change.

It might be worth taking a look at what CodeWeavers are doing:


Thank you, @antoine.


So basically it’s pretty much the death of 32 Lives soon, with Catalina and all the next coming updates? Unless we don’t update (which at some point will be impossible and we’ll have to) there’s no way customers will be able to still use 32 Lives?

Finger crossed. My MacPros are waiting for a viable 32 Lives with MacOS Catalina

I updated. 32 lives and all the other plugins will not work. I should’ve backed up before I did the OS update. Luckily I got time off of work to install 1TB of stuff back onto my MacBook Pro. Will this be the end of 32 Lives at this point? If so, I’ll stay on Catalina and move on.

Hi guys, I’m afraid that we currently do not see a viable, stable and efficient solution to run 32-bit plugin on macOS Catalina. If you’re depended on your 32-bit plugins, we recommend to stick to your last working macOS and install Catalina on a separate partition or drive.



Crossover seems to be making progress getting Wine builds to run on Catalina. If Wine succeeds, would that mean that 32 lives might have some way to work on Catalina?

We’ll sure check it out when it’ll become available.

You can keep an eye on that progress here:

Seconded on checking out what CodeWeavers have achieved. v19 of Crossover was just released and claims to run 32-bit Windows executables on a 64-bit-only host. I don’t know if there would be any opportunity to just share information between your companies privately on how it was achieved (after all, you’re both in totally different markets) but it indicates that, provided the hardware itself has 32-bit support, there may well be a way to get 32 Lives working on Catalina - even though it might not be easy! :slight_smile:

Just chiming in here. If a Catalina-compatible version of 32 Lives becomes possible, I’d gladly pay the full price again to incentivize developing it.


I second bjarke.bech. Such an amazing tool to keep old gems alive, I’d easily pay again for the update to support the development if it becomes possible in the near future.

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Same for me! Really don´t know if it´s possible to create a 64bit wrapper plugin that is interpreting a 32bit code plugin like a VM.

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