URS Saturation can't find PACE extensions

I’ve successfully used 32 Lives with URS Saturation in the past, but I’m experiencing an issue with it now. After I resurrect the plugin, I get the following error message when I launch a DAW and it scans the newly-found plugin:

I’m running macOS 10.13.3, 32 Lives 2.0.3, and the latest ilok drivers version (, but it seems like the plugin can’t find my ilok license correctly.

In the past when I’ve used 32 Lives successfully with URS Saturation, it’s been on Sierra (10.12.6) so it could be somehow High Sierra-related.

Hi @mustgroove!
For such issues I strongly suggest trying our support :slight_smile:
(feel free to contact us if you need further help).

Basically since old plug-ins needs InterLok which is the old iLok based authorization you need to do the following: