Smaller UI request

Very satisfied AAP user here. Its works so flawlessly that it is kind of no brainer utility. Only thing I could wish is to have smaller UI to dock it on the screen. Right now it takes a lot of screen estate horizontally, even without waveform window. I think it could be easy reduced to default Pro Tools plugin window size width. See picture attached.
If that could be done in some future upgrade - I would be really happy.

Best regards,
Artis D.

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Hi @ artis.dukalskis,

Thanks for your feedback! Glad to hear you’re enjoying Auto-Align Post.

I’m happy to say that this feature will be added in Auto-Align Post’s next update. We can’t provide a release date just yet.



Hi Oran!
Such a wonderful news! Will be waiting for update. :slight_smile:

All the best to the team!