Refx Vanguard just stopped working with 32 Lives -rescan worked, now FAILED again

I don’t understand this. It worked fine, using Logic 10.4.4 under OS 10.14.6, and I’m sure I haven’t updated anything.: just rescanned within Plugin Manager and it’s running again…

but now:

    • PASS


validation result: successfully validated

updating properties of AU Vanguard by reFX…FAILED!

…after Logic restart and another rescan , it’s working again…but when I opened a new project, it’s failed again and rescan doesn’t work…

I suppose this is a “Goodbye, bit by bit…”!!!

Hi Nigel,

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Which version of 32 Lives are you using? Is Vanguard working on your machine without 32 Lives? If you don’t have a 32-bit application, you can use a trial of Reaper (32-bit) >>

Please contact our Support Desk with more details, we’ll do our best to get you up and running.