RAM usage of revived plugins


Hi, I recently purchased the program. I´m a professional keyboard player and I bought it for playing alive with mainstage with 2 or 3 32bit plugins on a MB 2012 10.9.5. The fact is I find Mainstage using 5 gb of ram, and 32lives using about another 5 gb of ram, when just the concert is loaded, so I´d like to know if 32lives produces some kind of “virtual copy” of the revived plugins , or in a 32 bit Osx the ram usage should be similar but under a different process than 32lives on the ram manager? how works the process of wrapping in terms of ram usage…
I stay on Mavericks as I find it light, fast and ram friendly (2.5 gb just booted) for a live playing focused machine, any reason to use version 1 of 32 lives due to old OSx? thanks.



Generally RAM usage mostly moves from the host app to the “32 Lives Agent” processes, and there is some additional small overhead.

We recommend using the latest version of 32 Lives.