Protools not responding with Drum Leveler

I just installed drum leveler on pro tools 11 and every time I click on the plugin or add the plugin, I have to wait about 30 seconds while Protools reports that it is not responding. Once the plugin opens up, everything is normal. I don’t have this issue with any other plugin. they all respond immediately. I’m running windows 7 btw - primarily because M$ doesn’t patch this OS.

Hi @jonesy,
Would be great to try and solve this with you through our support here.

  1. make sure you’re using latest Drum Leveler version.
  2. you can try seeing if with/without OpenGL helps the situation as some drivers or situations.

This didn’t seem to make a difference. I tried it with Open GL enabled and disabled with no change. Also, the user interface isn’t slow once it opens, it just takes a long time to open and causes protools to not respond while its starting up. In other words, I can’t click on anything else or I get the "ptotools is not responding message with a blue donut. Start up time is around 20-30 seconds

Hi @jonesy,
This discussion would be much more efficient as a support ticket.
So we could get to the bottom of it.
If you didn’t already, please open a support ticket.

Keep in mind,
First time of opening the plug-in could take few seconds. especially on slow machines without SSDs.

Hi, i have the same issue in cakewalk by bandlab with the last update, sometimes even crashes.
I went to open a support ticket but the page tell me that i have been restricted from accessing the helpdesk page