Delay problem with PT 2018.04


I purchased the whole SR bundle.

The problem is that all the SR plugins are producing a lot of latency in the channel that are added. I don’t have this problem with any other plugin.

I’m on Protools 2018.04 on MacOS 10.13.5


Hey Alex!
Sound Radix plug-ins benefits from digital world advantages. “knowing” the future (by adding latency) is part of it. I’ll do my best to explain each product in that regard:

  • POWAIR, uses latency as superior lookahead for compression and leveling.
  • Drum Leveler, uses latency for best possible detection.
  • Auto-Align, provides latency to allow adjusting things also back in-time.
  • Pi - uses latency lookahead to optimize all tracks.
  • SurferEQ - uses latency for accurate pitch-detection.

btw, SurferEQ has LIVE mode that allows you to get it to run in lower latency.

Sound Radix plug-ins would work best on systems with proper delay compensation.
As you’re using Pro Tools, make sure Delay Compensation is turned on -

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