NF -60 limit causing issues while mixing for film

Hello! I am using POWAIR to mix a short film and have been having some issues with the NF threshold adversely affecting quieter audio during more dynamic scenes. Basically the ambience of a scene will fall below the NF threshold and will thus fall even lower in level as a result. I’ve been having to ride the input trim slider to boost the audio above the NF threshold, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to do this. It seems to me like the -60 cutoff is a bit too high, and I was wondering if this feature could be disabled or allowed to go lower to -80 or -90.

Hi Studio5,

Thanks for your input. Extending the Leveler’s Noise Floor range is on feature requests list and will hopefully be added in POWAIR’s next major update.

If you have any other requests, we’d be happy to hear them.


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