Native Support for Apple Silicon and macOS 12 (Monterey)

We’re excited to announce that all of current Sound Radix products are now supported under macOS Monterey and Apple silicon machines!

All our products have been tested under Monterey.

All Sound Radix products runs natively on Apple Silicon machines (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra) with the following exceptions:

  • ARA: Currently, ARA2 is only supporting Intel. in order to run an ARA2 product, make sure your host is running in Rosetta mode.
  • AAX, currently there’s no native Apple silicon (arm64) host for AAX. we’ll update our products to support native AAX following an official support.
  • 32 Lives. 32 Lives requires 32bit support which is only available on Intel Macs and macOS 10.14 or earlier. It’s not expected to support newer macOS or Apple silicon chips.

How to update?

  • The updates are free and available for download in the User Area.

More details available here:

Great news!
Will download and install as soon as possible, thanks for the update Nir.

Thanks @sagi . That was our one and only @tal Aviram :facepunch:

Ahh sh***, sorry @tal , my bad, Thank you hahaha

Anyhow, now that I checked, it looks like AAP is still on 2.0.2 which I already installed a few weeks back. Am I right to assume there’s no need to update it?

as stated in the article (and message above), currently ARA2 standard and AAX has no Apple Silicon (arm64) support. once those standards will be available, we’ll sure add them to current product line.