Apple M1 and Monterey compatibility?

Any news about Apple M1 and Monterey compatibility?

In case you’ve missed it,
All our current product line has full Apple silicon compatibility since the end for March (Native Support for Apple Silicon and macOS 12 (Monterey) - #6 by tal)

Only exceptions:

  • Auto-Align Post 2 (ARA-VST3 Apple silicon is expected in an upcoming update)
  • AAX plug-ins (as Pro Tools isn’t native Apple silicon yet)

Why is this happening installing the demo version?
I have an Apple MacBook Air M1 with Monterey.

Hi @jackfstudio ,
Apple has dropped 32bit support since Catalina (10.15), and gave ‘heads up’ during 10.14.
32 Lives is supported up to macOS 10.14 which is the last version to have 32bit support.