Keyboard shortcuts or midi device control?

If there are any keyboard shortcuts or midi control of this Ingenious plug-in, I can’t find it. I would love a right click “learn” command for this plug-in. Maybe F12 on the keyboard could be the “press-to-talk” button. Or, maybe a cheap midi controller could control the “talk” button, rather than having to use the mouse. But otherwise, excellent plug-in, and long overdue!!


Hi Mike!
You’re absolutely correct.
We actually got this one on our backlog.

MIDI has some advantages as it doesn’t require the UI to be opened (while keyboard does) and also unlike keyboard shouldn’t conflict with your DAW keyboard.


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I actually got that to work with Keyboard Maestro (an OS X macro-utility).


How did you get Keyboard Maestro to press the “talk button”?

Keyboard Maestro has this thing where you can specify a window by name. If you keep the plugin open on the desktop, it will find it by name, and then you can work with it with a keyboard-maestro macro.

There are ones that will click-hold the talkback button as long as you are pushing a key.

HI, Muteomatic is a great plug in - but yes it’s frustrating not being able to map a key or midi controller to the buttons like we can in so many other plug ins we use. Key Maestro does work, however pro tools does not name floating windows the way other DAWs do, so although there are a few people who seem to have figured out the secret, the rest of us are left scratching our heads.

Please guys - implement a momentary touch function mapping. It would make Muteomatic perfect!