Help with the Basics on Suffer EQ

I’m new to my DAW and Suffer EQ. I’m home recording my original tunes with a new DP9 and Focusrite Saphire. With the toys came a free download of SuferEQ boogie. Wonderful. :grinning: but I’ve no idea how to use an EQ for my voice and my band members. :open_mouth: (But we’re gonna have a lot of fun learning.) :laughing:

How do I begin? How do I choose the settings? Any advice or links would be great. I’m a recording novice, (but have played for years) so please start slow with the basics.:innocent:

Thanks to one and all

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Hi Bruce,
I guess @Nir might chime in with more information.

An Equaliser as the name implies provide number of “elements” (bands / filters) to cut/boost an area within a frequency.

First a quick reminder:
EQ should compliment a good recording (sadly, it might also be used to fix a bad one but it is always suggest to make your recording great by mic position and good performance prior to EQ-ing).

So let’s say you’ve got a vocal. and you’d like it to be more “open”. it depends on the context but you might wanna cut some low/low-mid or boost some highs.

Let’s say you’ve got a bass. if you’d like it to be more “bass” you’d might wanna cut some highs or boost some lows.

Bass and vocal are great starting points (especially with SurferEQ & SurferEQ Boogie :slight_smile: )
I’d suggest reading online about EQ usage of course.

What makes SurferEQ (and SurferEQ Boogie different):
Most equalizers are assigning each band to a specific frequency.
SurferEQ allows you to benefit from pitch-detection and “move” the frequency harmonically with your audio content. Try playing with SURF mode on a vocal and bass.

Thanks for the follow up. Do you have any recommended links for EQ usage?

Hi Bruce,

Welcome to the new world of recording! Here’s a couple of YouTube video links to get you started on how to use an equalizer. No worries if things sounds like out of space alien technology. You’ll get the hang of it with practice and experience.

Some important notes here >

And when you’re got the hand of the basics and ready to dive into SurferEQ >



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