Gate/ Ducker based on PowAir technologie


Hi There,
i’m not shure where to put a feature requests - so i try it here :slight_smile:

since i’m a very satisfied user of POWAIR, i was wondering if you guys thought about a ducker plugin based on your POWAIR technologie?
Why would one need that, you might ask? Let me expain my idear for a product like this.

I work on a lot of documentary shows which have a lot of voiceover narration. In my standard template i already have a ducker setup to just dip the foreign language stem when the vo talent speaks. So it is quite easy to dip a track by, lets say 10 to 12db whenever the VO is happening.
But, it would be very nice to let the ducker know if it’s really necessary to duck 10-12db everytime. Maybe its fine to duck jus 3dB if the Audio is alredy quite low in volume.

So, my idear would be:
Have a ducker that analyses the signal of the sidechain as well as the signal of the audiotrack. Give it a wanted "LU RANGE " it sould duck the audiotrack when the sidechains threshold is exceded.
The ducker would decide who much ducking it needs to do to hit the LU RANGE that the user specified…
This would result in a ducker that might duck about 0 LU if the LU RANGE is already fine, or about 20db if the audiotrack is very loud. In the end, it would be some kind of natural auto mixing device. Because that’s what we do by ear and hands. It would be an awesome little helper tool :slight_smile:

What do you guys think about it?

all the best
keep up your awesome work!

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Hi peerhoffmann81, that’s an excellent idea and we’ll seriously consider making it.



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Hi Nir,
that are awesome news!! If you need any help in the BETA phase i would love to help!
If your really make this happen, you already got your first customer ;-)!

All the best
keep up the good work!




Absolutely. Thanks again for your thoughts!



Are you guys still consider to work on the idear?