Can I route my DJ Software Output through POWAIR?

Hey guys, searching the net for a transient leveler I cam across POWAIR.

I use a DJ software on my pc to playback music [mp3’s] and want some way to auto level every tune’s frequencies but WITHOUT adding any color to my software or the tunes. I am thinking POWAIR will do this according to my understanding in the description?

If POWAIR can do this then I would need to route my Software’s Output through Powair’s Input then Powair’s Output to the PC’s Headphone OUT but first I am seeing this in the manual:

• Audio Unit • VST
• VST3

I would need this to work with Winamp plugin, can this work please? Thanks. Mike

Hi @ fonzhende1,

Which DJ software are you using?

You can definitely balance your output with POWAIR (as VST) using DDMF’s Virtual Audio Stream or a similar program in conjunction with your DJ software. Virtual Audio Stream will be used to place POWAIR between your software and you computer’s output.

Both POWAIR and Virtual Audio Stream are available for demo.

If you need help setting this up, feel free to contact us @ [email protected]




Hello Oran and thanks for responding, Sorry I never got the email notification that my topic had a reply.

This is the software I am using:

Unfortunately OTSAV DJ doesn’t natively support VST plugins. I tried the Stereo Tool software which works with OTSAV but only via the Winamp plugin. Problem was using that software changes the sound of my mp3’s and it also doesn’t appear to do a good enough job of leveling all frequencies [transients].

So I am not seeing how it will work with a VST plugin?


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply.

I was able to use POWAIR with OtsAV with the help of DDMF’s Virtual Audio Stream.
Since OtsAV doesn’t support VST plugins directly, Virtual Audio Stream is what allows you to place POWAIR after OtsAV and before your computer’s audio output.

Here are the steps:

Download and run POWAIR and Virtual Audio Stream.

Click the speaker icon on your taskbar, click ‘Open sound settings’ and set your output to ‘Steam 1 (DDMF Audio Device)’.

Launch OtsAV and play some music.

Launch Effect Rack.

Click Plugins --> Edit list of available plugins --> Options --> scan for new or updated VST3 plugins --> Scan - let Effect Rack complete the scan, if it crashes, reopen and scan again until it finishes.

Click Options --> Change settings for first stream.

Set device type to Windows Audio, set the correct output, set the input to Stream 1, and close the settings windows.

Right-Click somewhere in the middle of stream 1 (first one on the left) and select Sound Radix --> POWAIR

Right-click at the top of the stram and select Audio Input and at the bottom right-click and select ‘Audio Output

Make the connections as shown in the picture below and you should be hearing your music through POWAIR!

Double click the POWAIR box to open the POWAIR’s GUI.

If you have any questions, just let me know.



Wow thanks a million!

We lost power here in QUEENS NY yesterday so I won’t be able to try this until power is restored.

Meantime can you tell me if I might also be able to run other vst plugins over otsav with this method please?