Autoalign as audiosuite for dialog editors?


Let me start off by saying I’ve been using the plugin for a day and it is great.

Let me say second that I’m not entirely sure the plugin doesn’t ALREADY do what I’m looking for; but the manual doesn’t really discuss it so I’m assuming not… but here we go:

My situation:

I am a dialog editor. We often get Boom and LAV dialog tracks which are about 1 foot apart and thus vary by about 40-70 samples between tracks. Sometimes sonically both work together to create the best sounding dialog feed and so they need to be phase matched to overcome the distance issue (pretty much just like overheads and close mics on a drum kit, but thankfully I usually only have one of each).

I normally do this by hand. The typical offset between boom and lav is 40-70 samples (At 48k, 1 foot variation is about 43 samples and booms tend to be about 1-2 feet further from the mouth than the lav in my experience) so it’s pretty easy to eyeball. After I eyeball it, I check my work on a correlation meter.

I’d love to find a plugin to do this for me but the problem with using plugins is:

I’m an editor handing off to a big mix stage so I can’t use inserts that correct phase real time and need to remain on the track as they won’t be imported.

I don’t want to lose my handles or render my edits in case they need to be tweaked on the stage. So I can’t print down and can’t render without handles.

I’ve recently tried the demo of Autoalign and really loved it because while it CAN work as an insert that will correct phase real time for you, it can also just analyze the phase and give an offset value in samples which you can then implement yourself.

Of course just having the exact offset in samples isn’t 100% helpful as there seems to be a current bug in pt that you cannot use shift (option-h) and move audio by specific samples, as it rounds it off to the nearest subframe when you try. So even when Autoalign tells me my audio is 42 samples out I can only shift it by 40 and then I still have to manually nudge it the last 2 by hand. So back to manual shift seems to be the answer for me for now.

Ideally someone would write a plug just like Autoalign that works as audiosuite; loads two channels, analyzes the offset of the selected area and once that value is determined lets you process one of the files to be shifted by the calculated amount but with handles defined (as is standard in audiosuite plugins now). Sort of how VOCALIGN audiosuite works now but instead creating a global offset for the clip instead of a variable sliding push/pull you get with vocalign.

It doesn’t seem autoalign works this way currently but since you already have the engine to do the analysis and calculate the offset it seems like a ‘relatively’ easy step to implement it as described here. And I know there are thousands of people who do what I do and could use a solution like this one. I would def be someone shouting from rooftops if a product could be developed for this marketplace.

I’d really love to discuss this further with you guys and maybe see if what I’ve posted makes sense and would be possible.

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I would like to use Auto Align to align wireless mics to boom mics for Production Sound

Hi there, did you have any luck using as an AudioSuite for dialog assembly? I made a lot of dialog assemblies with Pro Tools Field Recorder function, but then I have to manually correct phase sync on each clip (kind of the Titan’s Fix Sync function), before I deliver the session to the dialogue editor.
Did you find a workaround with Auto Align? I can use it as an insert. I need all the dialog channels aligned to the AAF or guide track reference.
Thanks for the help

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We’re happy to announce that your wish has come true - Announcing Auto-Align Post!

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Very excited to try it out!!

Only sad you didn’t call me to beta test, lol!!

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Yair, I love this thing- expect sales from everyone in my hall here at work within the next few hours as I go door-to-door!

One little thing:
I am seeing a couple weird behaviors when processing clip by clip - whole file; in spots where there is no reference (so for example I’m aligning to a boom mic which only exists in the timeline as a 3 second clip, but I’m processing the whole lav just to keep handles) I’ve found that when I pull out the handles the DYNAMIC processed clip will have been shifted by 2+ frames while the static one maintained whatever offset it used during the active portion. I’d prefer if the clip in the handles would only offset by the last value it used but it doesn’t seem to— Not the end of the world, but worth noting.

Is there a way to get a direct line to your tech folks to help iron out a couple of these bugs?

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So the bug occurs when a clip has no corresponding audio in the boom channel? We’ll look into it!

This line is pretty direct :slight_smile: You can also email me directly, and if there’s anything urgent it’s best to contact our support which would usually be quicker to respond. Thanks for the report and for the warm words!



LOL, direct indeed. I just didmn’t know if it was better to post on forums or email directly…

Yeah- not urgent, just figured I’d mention it…

So I was just doing some testing and I wanted to see how both the dynamic and the static processing dealt with audio in the handles. My assumption, specifically for static mode, would be you would calculate an offset and just apply it to the whole file (audio in the handles inclusive). Static seems to do just that.

So that got me curious to see what dynamic would do- and I found a few instances where dynamic would perfectly process the audio where it overlapped with audio on the key input track but once it got into the handles, the audio was shifted by 2+ frames (where as when it overalpped with the key track it maybe was shifting 30-40 samples). Again, this only happened when in dynamic mode.

So yeah- that behavior is interesting.

I have a couple other small thing related to visual representation in the preview window- but I’ll need to do some more testing before laying out exactly what is happening in what scenarios.

But seriously- great work. I hope you sell a million of them. I feel like you’ll have a few dozen by the end of the day just from me showing folks here where I work.



Fully agree with you!

thanks!!! soundradix

The most expected becoming (pt color markers apart,jeje)

I’M SURE you sell a million.