I would like to use Auto Align to align wireless mics to boom mics for Production Sound


I would like to use this plugin as an audio suite plugin to align and phase correct wireless mic sound file to a reference boom file on the timeline in ProTools and then render the files on the timeline with the corrections in the audio suite version of the plugin. I’ve tried the plugin and it seems to only work for for mixing. There doesn’t seem to be a way to identify the reference source file in the audio suite version of this plugin. The send and receive seem to do anything in the audio suite version. Am I missing something?


Hi @DougMTN, I’m afraid you’re correct.

Auto-Align AudioSuite is behaving exactly as the AAX counterpart.
It can be useful only after detection with the AAX.
With AAX you can easily commit/freeze the track after detection.
With AudioSuite you can copy the settings (after using the detection from the AAX instance) and paste them into the AudioSuite in order to print them to a new processed audio file.

Detection itself must be done with 2 instances of Auto-Align AAX.