Auto-Align Post 2 - Apple Silicon Native timeline?

Hi all! I know you’re busy with the release of the excellent new Auto-Align 2 (congrats btw)!

Wondering if there are any status updates on an Apple Silicon native version of AAP2? I think I recall there was an issue with sidechain input handling on the previous version of Pro Tools (2022.12), has that been resolved with 2023.3?

Thanks! Dustin

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Hi Dustin!

We’re testing it as we speak. To be on the safe side, we’re looking at about a month for a public beta release.



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Awesome! Thanks Nir! :love_you_gesture:

I’m running 2.0.3beta on PT2023.3 native. I’m sure it’s not bug free, but it works for my purposes so far while we wait for qualified version.

Interesting… I thought none of the 2.0.x betas had the native code running…

Hey guys,
just a follow up, we have now AAP 2.1.1 public beta available (with a final release to follow):

Any feedback would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thank You!