Auto Align drums How many mics will it support

Is there a limit as to how many tracks you can align I have 10 Mics on my kit Will be more as I want to add a bottom snare mic and 2 room mics. Actually 12 with an xy mic on my Yamaha EAD10 as well as triggers but only concerned with the 10 right now.


Hi @jamallen44 ,

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There’s no limit to how many tracks you can align.
Auto-Align has 9 internal send/return buses.
The number of buses you actually use depends on how you set up Auto-Align. Usually, it doesn’t take more than 4 busses.
Here’s our recommended setup:

If you’ve run out of busses, you can reuse them - after Auto-Align’s detection is complete and the delay is applied, set the send bus to ‘0’ and you can re-use this send.

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