Auto-Align CPU performance


Hi all!

I use Auto-Align for dialogue editing, and it works very good. The only thing that is bothering me, is increasing CPU load when I have an Auto-Align window open (both AudioSuite and insert). Whenever I open a window, my MacBook Pro turns on fans and it feels like it’s going to take off. But when I close the window (and there could be active inserts left on the tracks), fans immediately slow down. I have noticed in Activity Monitor, that with an open plug-in window the WindowServer process is taking around 10% of the CPU load, and without a window - less than 1% (even with plug-ins, inserted on several tracks).

I am wondering, if there is a cure for this issue?

My system:
MacBook Pro (Late 2013), 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7
macOS Sierra 10.2.6
Pro Tools 12.5
Auto-Align 1.5.3

Best wishes,