Auto Align 2 upgrade question

If I install AA2 as an upgrade, does AA1 remain on my system?

Hi @renswan,

Auto-Align 2.0 is a whole new product. It does not remove or overwrite Auto-Align 1.

Perfect, thanks!


Mine seemed to want me to surrender my license to AA1? Please confirm?


That is correct. You’ll surrender your AA1 license in favor of a grouped license (AA2 + AA1). If you’ll look carefully at the deposited license it contains both - AA1 and AA2.

Just keep in mind surrender requires the AA1 license is deactivated on all devices (iLok and Machine) before surrender is available.

If you have any trouble shout us and we’ll do our best getting you up and running quickly as possible.

I just did that and it worked fine …

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