Auto-Align 2.1.0 Public Beta 1

Good update, but for my applications i am still missing a “no track earlier than this track/group” option - essential for everything you record with an AB spaced pair oder Decca tree if you want to keep the depth/imaging of the recording (also if your overheads are your main drum mics …)


Hi KaZse,
I’d love to learn from your experience since it seems similar here, and I’m kind of stuck.
Guess I have to use more channels not to ‘irritate’ Autoalign 2.1,
May I ask how many mics you have to align?
How do you spread them to channels/tracks,
and do you insert Auto Align 2 on all of them (grouped) or only several?
Finally - did you find a workaround for you concerts with the changing mic positions? ‘Does it work’ with the shortcuts in Autoalign 2.1 ?

  • As stated - would be great to learn a workaround for that. :slight_smile: