32 Lives (pre iLok version) license on new Mac


I run 32 Lives last version before iLok version release. I want to move the licence to Nother computer WITHOUT UPGRADING TO THE LAST VERSION. What should I do? Thanks

Hi @djfrankieflowers,
32 Lives V1 doesn’t use iLok.
If you have the installer, simply re-run it and go through the ‘Uninstall’ mode. this would deactivate and remove 32 Lives authorization from your machine.

Then run the V1 installer on the newer machine, enter your credentials and it should activate.

32 Lives V1 isn’t supported and lacks bugfixes and improvements (such as isolated crash-safe plug-in mechanism) and much more included within V2.
32 Lives V2 is also a free upgrade.

Thank you for your reply… 32 Lives V2 is running through iLok. Correct? That’s what I understood on your download and plugins authorization page.

It does not require a physical iLok key, it supports “hard-drive activation”.

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