Is rendering the only option?

Hello all,

New user with a question. Love the result of what this plug in does. But, I don’t love having to render all of my audio for this plug to work. Is it possible for the plug to send the results of the compare off to the system clipboard? Currently I have a macro set up in Keyboard Maestro that sends the current clip to auto align post, hits preview so I can see what the sample offset is, then switches to samples as my main counter, then selects the nudge amount. One other thing I’ve been trying is to use OCR to read the sample offset and have the macro enter that data, but it’s not 100% reliable.

If auto align post could put the sample offset into the clipboard I could then paste it into my nudge value and nudge within the clip to achieve the result I want.

Ultimately I want auto align post to work without rendering, this macro almost has me there.

Hi @ whizzbangfx,

Glad to hear you’re enjoying Auto-Align Post! Currently, other than copying the sample offset value, there’s no way to access it with a script/macro. This request is in our feature requests list and we’ll definitely consider adding it in the future.