Auto Align-Post BUG

So suddenly my auto-align post started doing glitches on dialogue.
Was not like this before.



As you can hear in the middle of the sentence these are pop or click like someone touching the mic. But it’s actually a digital glitch what the program cause

Hi @ bohitomi,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having these issues.

Can you please confirm you are using the latest Auto-Align Post (v1.1.1) - click the Auto-Align Post logo on the top left corner to find out.

If you’re not, please log in to your personal Sound Radix User Area, download and run the latest Auto-Align Post installer.

Are you applying any processing to the audio before Auto-Align Post? It’s advised to apply Auto-Align Post first before any other processing.

If you’re still experiencing issues with the latest version, please send us a snippet of the project and we’d be happy to take a close look.
You can send your project through to [email protected].