(Attack?) Blips All of a Sudden

All last year I’ve used SurferEQ2 with no real problem. One particular mix last year I used it on half the instruments. I would have MIDI notes lined up perfectly (to the sample) at the starts of notes. To be extra safe, I’d shift the MIDI clips forwards some ms (sort of a look-ahead that doesn’t mess up latency). Everything worked as expected, no strange audible artifacts or anything.

I haven’t touched that session since November, but then I open it today and solo some instruments and there’s a vary audible blip noise that happens every time a SurferEQ2 node starts up or moves. The blip comes in less than a half-second after the note starts (lookahead is off). This was NOT there in November and I haven’t done a single thing to any of these plugins nor my DAW to make this happen. I haven’t even touched the session…
I decide to try it with look-ahead ON and a different blip is there. I then turn look-ahead OFF and manually move the clip ahead 20ms (same latency as look-ahead) and another much louder blip happens.

Hi @audiobuurma,

Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear about this issue.

Can you please confirm you’re using the latest SurferEQ version 2.1.2? Click on SurferEQ’s logo to see which version you’re using.
If you’re using an earlier version please install SurferEQ 2.1.2 from our Downloads page and see if that helped.

If you still have any issues with SurferEQ 2.1.2, it would be great if you could send us your session to [email protected], please also specify which Operating System, DAW, and DAW version you’re using.