“32 Lives Launcher” would like to access your contacts

I just had a popup warning on Mac OSX 10.12.6 with the following

““32 Lives Launcher” would like to access your contacts.”

Why would it like to do this? can someone explain before i make my tinfoil hat??

We do not try to access your contacts. I have no idea why this happened, and this is the first we hear of this issue. I’m afraid at this moment I can only provide several guesses:

  • Perhaps we use a system API which inadvertently does this as a side effect, which may sometimes happen but I’ve yet to found such a call in our code…
  • Perhaps one of the bridged plugins asks for the contacts. I’d need to ask my colleagues if this would show up this way. Perhaps you could try to see if this happens only with a specific plugin that you are trying to load?
  • Perhaps our use of PACE iLok causes this somehow. Which version of the iLok License Manager are you using?
  • Did you download the installer from our site? If it was from another source (I don’t know if you’re using the full version or the demo but it’s possible for example some sites may offer mirror downloads which potentially could be tampered)
  • Perhaps there’s a bug with macOS (sometimes such things happen)

It’s all wild guesses because I simply don’t know at the moment how this happened. Please keep us updated so we can understand what is happening.

Just happened to me too. I denied access. I have installed nothing new for weeks.

It asked while launching Logic 10.1.1 on OSX 10.10.5.

I do not use iLok.

32 Lives 1.0.7.

Could you run the following check to help us get to the bottom of this:

  • Get to the situation where the dialog requesting for access appears
  • While the dialog is open, open the macOS “Terminal” application
  • In the terminal, type pkill -3 "32 Lives Launcher" and press enter
  • Open the “Console” application
  • In the console, under “User Reports” you should find a new crash report for “32 Lives Launcher” (which was generated by the previous pkill command)
  • Copy the contents of this crash report and paste here or send to us by email at [email protected]

This should help us find out what makes the launcher asks for the contacts. I suspect it might be a specific hosted plugin that triggers this behaviour, but honestly it’s just a guess, and more details would really help us solve this!

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I’ll try to remember to do this but I’ve only seen it happen once, which was last week.

Whatever it is, it’s not a constant problem and doesn’t impact the use of your excellent software.

Just thought you should know the original post was not an isolated incident.


Thanks for sending us the crash report!

Unfortunately we’ve still haven’t found out what the culprit is.

If you can, next time it happens could you also run (when the dialog is still open):

pgrep -alP `pgrep -a "32 Lives Launcher"`

In the Terminal, and paste its results here? This command will list the launcher’s child processes, which may be the ones somehow triggering this dialog.

Note that after this dialog appears once, it generally stops appearing again. But if you run tccutil reset AddressBook in the Terminal, it should hopefully trigger again sooner or maybe even next time you open your DAW if the behaviour is consistent. Note that other apps which have asked you for permission will ask again after this command (it resets the saved app permission settings for the contacts).

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Hi guys,

It appears that the issue was generated by an old Rewire extension under Mojave. Ableton’s Live latest update now includes the latest ReWire libraries to version 1.8.7 build 145 which fixes this issue.

For more info, check out Live’s release notes >> https://www.ableton.com/en/release-notes/live-10/#reWire



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